Our Story

Julie Shafir has been fascinated with the world of culinary arts since her early college years though she decided pursue a BA degree in Economics and started a career in finance.  She always stayed true to her calling and whenever she had an opportunity, she would spend it in the kitchen experimenting with different dishes and flavors which she would then entertain her family and friends with.  

Fast forward to 2018, as a way of relieving stress Julie turned to baking.  She very quickly became enchanted with the art of baking. Julie dove right into experimenting with different recipes and unique flavor combinations.  She watched countless hours of YouTube tutorials, taken virtual master classes from incredible cake masters around the world as well as recreational baking classes at the ICE (Institute of Culinary Education).  In 2018, Sweet Vivian Rose custom cakes and desserts was born, offering a wide array of customized cake combinations and desserts.  While a successful small business, Julie wanted to bring her love for luxurious deserts to a wider range of customers.  What better way of doing it then in a small delicately textured French almond meringue cookie filled with decadent Belgium chocolate ganache filling. 

Edibles by Vivian Rose is born.  What better way to treat yourself than to indulge in a luxury treat that stimulates and satisfies your taste-buds and provides you with instant gratification.